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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dental Practice

Q:   How far in advance do I need to schedule the services of DentalTeam Solutions, LLC (DTS)?

A:   Ideally, DTS would like to have 48 hours to fill your staffing need. However, we will try our best to accommodate even your last-minute request for temporary staffing.

Q:   How is the hourly/daily rate of a DTS referral determined?

A:   The hourly/daily rates of our referrals are determined by their years of experience and certifications. These rates will be disclosed to you prior to scheduling.

Q:   If I decide to hire a DTS referral as a permanent member of my staff, are there any fees?

A:   DTS does charge a referral fee for the permanent placement of one of its referrals to your dental practice. Please contact a DTS staff member for details.


Q:   As a DTS referral, how do I get paid?

A:   You will be paid directly by the dental office at which you are temping each day. DTS will not take any portion of your wages. Also, it will be your responsibility to account for all federal taxes and other deductions as required by law for your pay.

Q:   Am I required to sign an exclusive agreement limiting me to work only with DTS?

A:   No, DTS does not require this of any of its referrals.

Q:   Am I able to set my own work schedule with DTS? Is there a requirement of how many days I must work?

A:   You are able to set your own work schedule to work when you are able. There is no requirement of how many days you must work. However, communication between yourself and DTS about your availability will be needed.

Q:   Will I be able to request the geographical areas of where I work?

A:   Yes, you can limit the area in which you work.

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